by Emanuele Mastrangelo

Long gone are the days when the political Center could dictate the rules of the game. That is why certain preemptive and prejudicial closures by centrists on future alliances in Europe seem premature, to say the least. Even if the political Center remains the natural ally of both ends of the parliamentary spectrum, can Moderate and Christian Democrats really choose unimpeded and serenely between the two suitors by settling then with the highest bidder? Many political commentators are arguing for moderation theses, pragmatically postponing to post-vote any consideration of which ally to take. But unfortunately for those who have joined the moderate front, freedom of choice is illusory. The advent of Wokeist ideology on the Left has radically changed the same political categories and introduced a destructive and toxic new element: fanaticism.

The pact with the Rainbow Devil

Wokeism, whose philosophical foundations lie in deconstructionism and the Frankfurt School, is an ideology whose axioms deny the existence of objective reality and simultaneously impose the substitution of morality for politics. According to those who adhere to these mental mechanisms, individual feelings matter more than facts and moral judgment on facts more than any objective and contingent evaluation. The combination of these two mental mechanisms means that no common platform of reasoning is possible outside the supine and fideistic acceptance of the ideological assumptions of the Wokeist Left: environmentalist extremism, the LGBT and immigrationist agenda, the disproportionate expansion of the so called "hate crimes" and censorship, and the fight against all kinds of identities. Fanaticism is the exact opposite of politics, which remains the Art of the Possible. If you ally yourself with fanatics, you give up politics.

The challenges that will really in the immediate future confront Europe do not come from external, human (Russia, China...) or natural ("climate change") threats. They are all, indiscriminately caused by the reckless policies pursued by the current Center-Left regime with a very strong Wokeist vocation. The destruction of the economy through "green" policies, the ethnic replacement and denatality of European peoples, the cancel culture against the classical and Christian roots of our civilization, the attack on freedom of speech, the introduction of principles of subjectivism into law, and the increasingly sprawling control of citizens' lives.

All these threats are part of agendas written down on paper, to which the Leftists have sworn allegiance. A Center that would ally itself with this line-up would have no choice but to hitch itself to these agendas, getting insignificant sops from its members and only when they involve no deviation whatsoever from the road map. Those in the Center will condemn themselves to becoming mere water carriers of lobbying interests (which exist on all sides), having to renounce any political identity that is outside the perimeter of Wokeism and for that very reason morally inadmissible.

Repent, the Day of Judgment is near!

If the Center - Moderate or Christian - perseveres in its embrace with the Wokeist Left, in short, it will lose its soul. There will be no possibility of defending Christian values or Moderate principles in economics and law once they are incapacitated to the Wokeist left.

VL 1: IoApro, Ddl Zan, Politica contro il mainstream

On the contrary, even with all the ideological differences that the Moderate and Christian Democratic Center may find with populist, identity and nationalist Right-wingers, it will be able to count on that side of the fence on minds politically still anchored in a political and therefore dialogical vision. Moderate instances in economics will be able to confront on a pragmatic and expedient level the Keynesian instances of the populist Right, while Libertarian positions would provide a healthy counterbalance to the more securitarian drives of the Conservative parties. Christian values have a better chance of being preserved and honored among atheists in a Conservative front than among the believers in a Wokeist one.

In short, those in the Center parties who still have a political soul can save it by abjuring, cursing and detesting any alliance with the Wokeist Left.

Post scriptum

One last consideration, more cynical but no less diriment, should prompt Centrist politicians to consider the widest openings to the Right, even for pure tactics: the elections in the U.S. and Russia in 2024. There is a very strong possibility that the presidential elections in the U.S. will end the Democratic administration while those in Russia go toward a foregone confirmation of Putin's administration (which is currently credited with a 70-80 percent approval rating in the polls). Which will establish in both capitals two governments that are openly anti-Wokest, anti-cancel culture, utterly unresponsive to eco-alarmist sirens and deeply identitarian. If - Heaven willing - we will be freed from the grim nightmare of the Biden administration, Europe will find itself squeezed geopolitically between a national-populist America and to the east by the expansionist drive of an increasingly firmly conservative Russia. Are they really convinced at the Center that betting on the Wokeist horse can be a winning political bet?


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Editor of the Machiavelli Study Center's blog "Belfablog," Emanuele Mastrangelo has been editor-in-chief of "Storia in Rete" since 2006. A military-historical cartographer, he is the author of several books (with Enrico Petrucci, Iconoclastia. La pazzia contagiosa della cancel culture che sta distruggendo la nostra storia e Wikipedia. L'enciclopedia libera e l'egemonia dell'informazione).