by Emanuele Mastrangelo

The victory of the Conservatives in the local elections confirms the result of the political elections and shows an opposition on the ropes like a beaten boxer and a relative consensus towards the government in the country. This opens a window of opportunities to organise an anti-Wokeist counter-offensive following the example of more determined realities, such as Hungary or Florida, and consolidate this trend before the inevitable counter-offensive of the liberal front. A window of opportunity that may never be repeated and that if not seized would leave the Left with a chance to take it all back. And with interest.

Wokeism knows how to wait

Wokeism is now the official ideology of most Western democracies and supranational organisations such as the EU and the UN. LGBT demands, environmental activism, third-wave feminism, immigrationism and secularist extremism are just some of the aspects of this ideology, whose armed wing - the cancel culture - is becoming an operational practice that acts against individuals guilty of expressing unwelcome opinions and against history and civilisation, with the declared aim of severing the cultural roots of nations. The apparent setbacks of this ideology, as was the case with the elections in Spain, where Podemos paid heavily for its platform of woke extremism, should not mislead. The adage 'get woke, go broke', which is often quoted for the continuous failures of movie and TV productions marked by wokeism, must not fail to point out how precisely despite the very predictable outcomes all these productions continue to attract fabulous financial investments, completely indifferent to losses. But that's not all: the last mid-term elections in the United States produced a surprising outcome, with a Biden set to reap the rewards of what will objectively go down in history as the worst American administration, and who was instead saved by the bell. Playing the part of 'Rohan's cavalry at Helm's Ditch' was the youth facing their first political vote, the newly eighteen year olds, galvanised by the woke activism that is so powerful in American schools and universities. LGBT demands and pro-abortion feminist extremism weighed more heavily than considerations around the risk of nuclear war with Russia and double-digit inflation.

The reality is that the international headquarters that have staked their hopes on the Wokeist ideology are well prepared to face balance in red, financial as well as electoral. Their seeding is medium to long term and they are confident of a plentiful harvest. The polls show the opening of a cultural chasm between the boomers and X generations on the one hand and the millenials and the Z generation on the other, with the latter literally swallowed up by the disvalues of the Wokeist ideology, devastated by problems of identity - sexual, first of all - of disorders (a characteristic that goes hand in hand with the previous one) and of illiteracy caused by the pincer movement of an increasingly toyish school on the one hand and the all-pervasiveness of technology on the other. And it is especially among Generation Z that the seeds of wokeism are germinating. As the older voters fade away, it will be the young people of Z who will take their place. And as in the United States they will turn massively to the parties that raise the rainbow flags of Wokeism, deploying a growing electoral participation that is all the more weighty against the backdrop of general disaffection to the ballot box among the thirty to sixty year olds.

This trend will be fatal unless the conservative, libertarian and nationalist parties realise that it is no longer sufficient to plug the leak, but that the time has come to deploy an organic, wide-ranging and determined reaction whose aim must not be to impose temporary setbacks, but to turn the tide. A possibility concretely documented by the recent achievements of politicians such as Orban and DeSantis but also - with due distinctions - Erdogan.

No truces, no compromises with the Left

In the war against Wokeism, lukewarm (like Aznar in Spain) or incomplete (like Trump in the US) experiences show how half-measures only serve to slow down the progression of the Agenda. Only strong and incisive stances succeed in achieving lasting results. The conservative front cannot be content, as it has been doing so far, with small tactical glorifications, destined to be circumvented by the much more structured (and patient) wokeist policies. The attack must go deep, with a view to striking at the logistics that feed the wokeist strategy.

So the moment seems to have come. And there may not be another one. The one-two punch of the general and local elections has literally reduced the Opposition's political class to a state of confusion, while the unprecedented majority that the Conservative arch enjoys in Parliament allows it to undertake and win battles hitherto not even considered or barely dreamt of. First of all, any form of collaborationism towards the Agenda must be put aside: concessions such as the abolition of the term 'race' from public documents may appear as insignificant only to a superficial analysis. In reality, the "fuchsia Left" is being granted the very dangerous precedent of a state newspeech enforced by law. And this is just one of many examples of giving in on battles considered 'rearguard action' by a centre-right that is insufficiently wary of the mortal threat brought by Wokeism. Which on the contrary is perfectly aware of the “Dragon Eggs” he is leaving behind a distracted centre-right that is convinced it is conceding nothing more than a sweetener.

Nazione e Costituzione - Parte 2

This is not the time to give quarter, nor to indulge in 'broad agreement' hugs. On the contrary, this is the time to launch the final blow. Of the many battles that can be fought and won to prevent the "fuchsia Left" from preparing its revenge, we will here mention just three: the regaining of the right to freedom of speech, which is essential to force the Wokeist Left to confront each other on an equal basis in public debate. A battle on which the Centro Studi Machiavelli has drawn up an operative dossier and which was recently relaunched by Boni Castellane on the pages of La Verità, and which is in easy reach of the centre-right thanks to a solid majority capable of even passing constitutional laws.

War to the cancel culture till the victory

Then there is the issue of the cancel culture. It is a propaganda tool for the "fuchsia Left" in the absence of truly 'leftist' programmes. If the possibility of its use were interdicted by appropriate measures, many arrows in the bow of the rainbow front would be blunted. In this sense, the proposal currently in Parliament to stiffen sanctions for vandalism against art pieces is good. But more can be done. For example, by withdrawing by law the availability of historical toponymy (that which is more than fifty years old) from the hands of local administrations, so that actions with an exquisite propagandistic flavour (and with serious repercussions on the national conscience of Italians in the long term) such as the recent cancellation of Via Gabriele D'Annunzio in Reggio Emilia and the proposals to rename 'colonial' streets put forward by the "fuchsia" administrations of Turin and Rome can be prevented.

Last but not least, the defence of the natural family. Affirm with facts and deeds that the natural family - the one already indicated by the Constitutional Fathers - consists of a father and a mother. Affirm the strictest opposition to the abominable practice of the 'womb for rent', putting the buying and selling of babies on a par with the slave trade. Affirm the reality principle against the subjectivism that fuels deconstructionist gimmicks such as 'alias careers' in schools and universities.

If the Conservative wing does not want to condemn itself to act as a condominium administrator waiting for the Left to take over the helm of the nation either directly or with the next 'technical' government and feed it to the Agenda, with the help of the Big Powers, the EU's anti-national machine and the inevitable generational turnover of its voters with young people imbued with Wokeism, it must realise the unrepeatable opportunity that is now being handed to it on a silver platter, raise the banner of a Conservative revolution and throw itself headlong into this battle.

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Editor of the Machiavelli Study Center's blog "Belfablog," Emanuele Mastrangelo has been editor-in-chief of "Storia in Rete" since 2006. A military-historical cartographer, he is the author of several books (with Enrico Petrucci, Iconoclastia. La pazzia contagiosa della cancel culture che sta distruggendo la nostra storia e Wikipedia. L'enciclopedia libera e l'egemonia dell'informazione).