22 Nov 2022

One step away from the abyss. What the missile incident in Poland has taught us

Di Vittorio Maccarrone|2022-11-22T15:28:54+01:0022 November 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica estera|Tag: , , , , , , |0 Commenti

The event sets a precedent: no one wants to cross the red line that could lead to the disaster of a world war. Once the actors actually saw the ball rolling on the tilted plane, they realized that it needed to be stopped by throwing water on the fire.

20 Sep 2022

Even geopolitics urges toward a presidential Italy

Di Vittorio Maccarrone|2022-09-20T13:55:43+02:0020 September 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica interna|Tag: , , |0 Commenti

The magnitude of the threats on the horizon demands a constitution close to the presidential model, abandoning regionalist ambitions and giving more powers to the president, accompanied by an electoral law that ensures governability.

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