5 Apr 2022

The Maritime Dimension of the Russian-Ukrainian War

Di Nicola De Felice|2022-04-05T12:41:50+02:005 April 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Guerra e Difesa|Tag: , , , , , , |0 Commenti

The maneuvers in the field must be read according to this perspective: for Russia the Black Sea is indispensable because it is the obliged passage not only towards the Mediterranean, but also towards the Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific. It is through the Black Sea that Moscow can reach lines of maritime communication otherwise precluded.

5 Apr 2022

RUSSIAN-UKRAINE WAR: the maritime dimension

Di Nicola De Felice|2022-04-05T10:53:10+02:005 April 2022|Categorie: Vlog|Tag: , , , , , , , |0 Commenti

Although the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is fought primarily on land, the maritime dimension is neither alien to the conduct of operations nor to the strategic motivations of the two sides.

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