5 Apr 2022

The Maritime Dimension of the Russian-Ukrainian War

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The maneuvers in the field must be read according to this perspective: for Russia the Black Sea is indispensable because it is the obliged passage not only towards the Mediterranean, but also towards the Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific. It is through the Black Sea that Moscow can reach lines of maritime communication otherwise precluded.

8 Mar 2022

The (Black) sea is the real reason for the Russian-Ukrainian war

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For Russia, the Black Sea is indispensable. Strategically speaking, it considers the possession of the Odessa and Mariupol naval bases and the Mykolaiv shipyards more important than Kiev.

17 Sep 2021

Gli USA hanno bisogno della Russia per vincere la guerra fredda con la Cina

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Se Biden vuol far confrontare gli USA con la Cina, allora dovrà cercare un riavvicinamento con Mosca quanto prima. Cercare di condurre una guerra fredda su due fronti è la peggiore opzione possibile.

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