28 Apr 2022

WESTERN BALKANS. The other powder keg of Europe?

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The explosive situation in the Western Balkans should not be overlooked. The Republika Srpska is trying to gain de facto independence from Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is also crossed by tensions between Croats and Bosniaks. In the meantime, Serbia is rearming (also buying from China).

27 Jan 2022

The other European crisis: Bosnia and Herzegovina on the brink of disintegration

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While the eyes of the world are on Ukraine, there is another critical situation in Europe that nonetheless deserves attention. The reference is to Bosnia and Herzegovina which, in the words of its High Representative Christian Schmidt, has never been so close to collapse since the end of the civil war.

26 Apr 2021

I Balcani: scudo d’Europa e polveriera del mondo

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I Balcani di oggi restano una terra di frontiera ed un potenziale campo di battaglia. Sebbene le problematiche tra cristianità occidentale ed orientale siano da tempo essenzialmente culturali, la minaccia islamica incombe come mai dal 1913 ad oggi. Sono solo cambiati gli strumenti dell’invasione.

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