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While everyone's attention is focused on the war started between Russia and Ukraine, the explosive situation in the Western Balkans should not be overlooked. The Republika Srpska is trying to gain de facto independence from Bosnia-Herzegovina, also crossed by the tensions between Croats and Bosniaks. In the meantime, Serbia rearms itself (also buying from China) and does not forget its own compatriots across the border. In Montenegro the pro-orthodox government has collapsed and the future of the economy is bleak, given the importance of economic ties with Russia.

To take stock of the situation, in Ep. 4 of "Ritratto delle cose del mondo" (Portrait of the things of the world), ANDREA PICCHIELLI discusses with expert LARIS GAISER (ITSTIME, Catholic University of Milan) and MP MARCO MAGGIONI (President of the Parliamentary Delegation to the Central European Initiative, INCE). Working language is ITALIAN.

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