by Emanuele Mastrangelo and Enrico Petrucci

Italy. Here comes the Universitess of Trento

The news of the week comes from the University of Trento (Northert Italy) which decided to rewrite its regulations by inventing an ad hoc "overextended feminine" to define staff roles in official documents. Except to later point out that it was a provocation (1). Shut that Overton window, it's damn cold!

France. Catechism of the Catholic Church is outlawed

Abbot Matthiey Raffray, a French Catholic priest, has been denounced by Paris Equal Opportunities Minister Aurore Bergé for a sermon he gave on Instagram, in which Father Raffray summarizes the Catholic Church's position on homosexuality. A position that did not sit well with Bergé, who mandated "the inter-ministerial delegation for the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hatred (DILCRAH) to report the matter to the prosecutor on the basis of Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure." DILCRAH noted the minister's message and confirmed that it had "notified the prosecutor of the homophobic comments made by Monsieur [notre emphase] Raffray on his social networks." (2).

USA. A lesson in ecoterrorism

And staying in academia Harvard seems to confirm the classic adage Get woke, go broke. Indeed, a 5 percent drop in applications was reported (3). The decline has been linked to criticism of Israel, often accused of degenerating into anti-Semitism. Real cases of call-out culture, such as the recent cancellation of a concert by an Israeli singer near the campus (4), should be noted, but always maintaining the most classic of double standards, as at the same timeHarvard Law School, the law school, hosted a premiere of the film How to Blow a Pipeline, literally "How to Blow a Pipeline," with guest director and screenwriter, a former student at the university. Viewing the film's website, rather than a reflection on environmental issues or a theoretical discussion of figures like that Ted J. Kaczynski, it seems almost like a guide to ecoterrorism, as the site hosts an interactive map of U.S. oil and natural gas pipelines. (5).

USA. Corporate benefits.

Yet another "Poe's Law"-style situation, in which it is unclear whether the stuff is true, is satire, or is a hoax however very plausible (which, anyway, will become reality in 3... 2... 1...). There is a photo circulating on X of a slop cup from the Starbucks franchise with a rather peculiar "help wanted" notice on it: the restaurant brand famous for its delicious soy frappuccinos and ultra-woke corporate line is inviting applications for employment by promising health coverage to workers for "gender reassignment" operations. Basically, if this is true and you want to have them chopped off, get hired by Starbucks, they will pay for the operation. (6)

USA. Eggs with a surprise

Scotland. Rowling VS regime woke - 1 to 0.Also among the week's controversies was the White House's tweet about Trans Visibility Day falling on March 31, which this year coincided with Christian Easter. In fact, the anniversary of trans visibility (one of the many themed anniversaries recognized by the White House) has already been made official for several years, and in any case, the White House account recalled - goodness gracious! - on X the Easter anniversary as well. But that it was an exalted wokkata is evidenced by the fact that the tweet has trans visibility theme was only on the White House English account, and not on the Spanish one. The Latino community is indeed closer to the conservative side and certainly more sensitive to insults to religious sentiments. Which, however, does not bode very well for the moral health of Anglophones in the US... (7)

Scozia. Rowling VS regime woke – 1 a 0

And in conclusion, an aftermath from last week's wokeshit (see Bulletin No. 7) regarding the hate speech law that has just come into effect. The clash between the Wokeist regime in Edinburgh and the defense of freedom has found its new Scottish champion, after William Wallace, in the writer J. K. Rowling, famous for creating Harry Potter as well as for defending the right to call individuals by their correct gender even if they wear a pin with their supposed "pronouns," wear makeup or have their genitals mutilated by compliant butchers. Rowling posted a series of tweets highly critical of the law concluding, as Reuters reports (8):

I'm currently out of the country, but if what I've written here qualifies as an offence under the terms of the new act, I look forward to being arrested when I return to the birthplace of the Scottish Enlightenment.

The Scottish police were quick to point out that the tweets in question are not hate speech, so Rowling will not be charged, nor will the case be filed under "non-crime" hate speech incidents (9). The first round is therefore won by Rowling. But the game is still a long one... In the newsroom, in any case, we already have banners, smoke bombs, and hired an ultras-leader to intone the terrace chant "Stand up if you hate wokeism!" to every tweet from J.K. Pro libertate!

Meanwhile, as the Guardian reports, in the first two days since the law went into effect we are already up to 3,000 charges (10). Won't somebody please think of the CO2 emitted to print all those police reports?

Woke weekly bullettin #5


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