by Giovanni Giacalone

Milan is now out of control, and the facts speak for themselves: between Thursday, August 11 and Friday, August 12, no less than five assaults with robbery intent and one averted massacre on the highway A1. But it is good to proceed in order.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, a 45-year-old Canadian tourist was surrounded and assaulted in front of the Duomo by a group of individuals (described as North Africans) who snatched his Rolex. In the afternoon on Thursday, however, it was the turn of another 45-year-old man, a citizen of Ecuador, to be surrounded by four North Africans and robbed at the San Cristoforo railroad loop station in the Navigli area; officers then arrested one of the robbers, an 18-year-old Egyptian man who was illegally in the country and had a history of property crimes.

Also on the same afternoon, at Central Station, a 22-year-old Moroccan man illegally in the country punched an 18-year-old U.S. tourist in the face and stole his wallet; the thug then injured two young (Senegalese) men who had tried to stop him with a bottle shard and was later stopped and arrested by Carabinieri in riot gear.

On the night of Thursday 11 to Friday 12 in the Buonarroti area, the doorman of a building, a 49-year-old man (Egyptian regular and without criminal record), foiled the theft of a motorcycle in front of the apartment building where he works and in response received a chain to the face from the thief, who then lost his trail.

On Friday's dawn, however, it was the turn of two regular, lawful Moroccan youths to be robbed of their cell phones near Corso Como, while shortly before in the same area a 43-year-old Italian man had chased off North Africans who had tried to steal his watch.

Over? No, because on Friday morning on the highway A1 a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">a major tragedy came close because of a 22-year-old Egyptian who, after pulling the emergency brake near Lodi while on board a high-speed train bound for Reggio Calabria, got out of the vehicle and walked to one of the bridges over the highway and then began throwing rocks at cars, hitting about 30 of them. Law enforcement officers immediately intervened and were forced to tase him because the individual in question was brandishing a box cutter. He is now facing charges of endangering transportation safety, disrupting a public service, and resisting a public official.

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This two-day-only bulletin, which would be worthy of a metropolis in a developing country, comes on top of a series of other assaults and robberies (at least four reported) that occurred between August 7 and 9 in Porta Ticinese, Piazzale Gae Aulenti and Lambrate, respectively.

The real situation in Milan is now there for all to see, for those who want to see it. That city that was once the economic engine of Italy is now also known as the "baby gang capital." Milan has sunk into a state of degradation and violence caused by mass uncontrolled immigration, lack of deportations and no certainty of punishment, as many of those arrested are released shortly after and return to crime. The Left continues to play dumb in the name of a supposed and very unclear "inclusiveness," which, however, benefits irregulars and thugs to the detriment of honest residents - whether Italian or foreigner.

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