In Dossier No. 46, created with the contribution of the Augustus Foundation, Giovanni Giacalone describes the history and organization of the Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamist movement now widely spread in Europe and Italy. Concerns related to integration and security surround its role.




  • The Tablighi Jamaat is an Islamic organization founded in India nearly a century ago with the aim of creating a network of itinerant preachers.
  • The Jamaat seeks to guide Muslims back to what it perceives as the righteous path. Its emphasis lies not in doctrine, but in basic ritual practices.
  • While the Tablighi Jamaat does not directly engage in politics, its preaching aligns with the ultimate goal of establishing an Islamic state. Additionally, it promotes the separation of its members from the rest of society, which it deems corrupt.
  • Originating in India, the Jamaat has also spread to the West, particularly in Great Britain and France, and now has a significant presence in Italy. However, its approach poses challenges to integration within our society, and security risks are not absent.


Dossier 46 - La Tablighi Jamaat
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