by Giovanni Giacalone

In Italy, hordes of African irregulars do as they please, regardless of the consequences, fully aware that they will hardly be deported. And if they should also be arrested, it doesn’t matter, because after all Italian prisons are four-star hotels compared to the African ones and between sentence discount and early pardon for good behavior they find themselves free again in a short time, ready to commit crimes again.

Just think of Nweke Chukwuka, the 37-year-old Nigerian homeless man, with numerous previous convictions for assaults, damages and harassment, who a few days ago in Rovereto tried to rape a 60-year-old woman. Failing that, he beat her to death and robbed her. The subject in question was known as extremely dangerous and should not even have been free. He was arrested in August 2022, but despite everything he had only received the obligation to sign. Lately the Carabinieri had tried to ask for the tightening of the sentence, but the judge had denied the measure. The Nigerian remained free and someone died.

On a regional train Milan-Lecco four irregular Central Africans attacked with knives and machetes a boy to rob him and threatened other passengers. The boy tried to take refuge in the bathroom but one of the attackers smashed the door with the machete and assaulted him. All four individuals in question ended up behind bars, but it remains to be seen for how long.

On Rimini beach it was up to a 21-year-old Ukrainian girl, attacked and raped by a subject described as North African.

These are just some of the very recent cases of violence perpetrated by irregular Africans, but you only need to read the local news to have a clearer picture of how wide and extensive the phenomenon is. There are real hordes of irregulars ready for anything to raise a little money. They walk around with machetes, big knives, broken bottles and have no problem using them, well aware of how things work in Italy and feeling untouchables.

La repressione in Turchia che i media italiani non vogliono vedere

The State has the duty to guarantee the security of its citizens and if it fails to do so it cannot be considered as a real sovereign power. The institutions are faced with a blatant, undeniable problem. The victims of these thugs are also victims of lax migration laws: “refugee welcomes” policies; failed deportations; failed imprisonments.

The situation has reached dramatic levels and the Government cannot pretend nothing is happening. Immediate, tough and effective measures are needed. Ignoring the problem will only make it grow bigger. And the seriousness of the phenomenon was clear long time ago. These persons should not even be in Italian territory and the State has the duty to respond adequately, otherwise the citizens will start to defend themselves on their own. Because it is a matter of survival.

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Researcher of Centro Studi Politici e Strategici Machiavelli. Graduated in Sociology (University of Bologna), Master in "Islamic Studies" (Trinity Saint David University of Wales), specialization in "Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism" (International Counter-Terrorism Institute of Herzliya, Israel). He is senior analyst for the British Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism-ITCT, theItalian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues and Managing Emergencies (Catholic University of Milan) and the Kedisa-Center for International Strategic Analysis. Lecturer for security managerlaw enforcement and post-degree courses, he has been coordinator for Italy of the European project Globsec. “From criminals to terrorists and back” and is co-founder of Sec-Ter- Security and Terrorism Observation and Analysis Group.