by Enrico Petrucci and Emanuele Mastrangelo

Let's start with good news from Italy: even the big newspapers are beginning to realize that in U.S. faculties white guilt and white fragility have reached paroxysmal proportions.

Many have relaunched Federico Rampini's interview with an Italian doctoral student in New York who recounts the grueling self-deprecation sessions in the name of white race "guilt" recounting how even African American colleagues are embarrassed by this "inclusive approach" without fear of writing "dictatorship woke" in the headline.

Equally scathing is Aldo Cazzullo's comment against another sign of the times: France, which in an Olympic poster makes the cross surmounting the dome of Les Invalides disappear in a drawing. Writes Cazzullo relaunched by Dagospia: "Is it Europe severing its roots and lowering its flags? Or is it the plural Europe of our future? First of all, that image is a fake. And when you resort to a fake, it is because we have a problem."

But if criticisms of the excesses of Wokeism and Cancel Culture are beginning to be explicitly apparent in the Italian press, similarly Wokeism is also advancing undisturbed in the cultural ganglia of the Bel Paese. The very fluid seminar on the fluidity of the pelid Achilles at the Pisa Normal by an Oxford academic made headlines. A seminar proudly claimed by the university, which recognized its rigorous methodological approach.

How beautiful and fluid the ancients were in short, as The Telegraph also reminds us how Hadrian's Wall is a piece of queer history according to British English Heritage, in that Antinous was Hadrian's lover and how fluid they were in Ancient Rome my old chap, we have seen in a Netflix series. Basically this shows that there are also rainbow and inclusive walls.

Written exam, oral exam, handjob exam

But wokeshit is not just rereading history in a rainbow way when it suits. Nor does the little good news allow for rejoicing. It is enough to dive straight into the circle of the darkest wokkate. We learn from Germany's conservative right-wing newspaper Junge Freiheit that Berlin schools were in danger of having to comply with a local rule to provide rooms for children to engage in masturbation and sexual exploration.

News that has not been denied, and about which Falko Liecke, state secretary for the Berlin state department of education, youth and family, was at pains to point out that this was an error attributable to a draft that was not final.

That is, at best, yet another proof that draft guidelines to sexualize childhood do exist. At worst, the usual, rehashed Overton Window strategy: let's take it a step further, if we get caught, retract everything with an excuse, but in the meantime let's start getting the public used to the fact that such things exist. Then pause until the next push.

And since we are in Berlin for those with good memories how can we not remember the infamous Kentler Project, the program of the 1960s and 1970s with disadvantaged German children placed in foster care with pedophiles to foster their socialization?

USA - Inclusive Racism Pills.

Meanwhile on the topic of inclusive racism we point out in the West End the play with "No White People Allowed". This is a play dedicated to slavery for which there are evenings dedicated to an "all-black-identifying" audience, picking up on initiatives that have taken place in the past. Speaking of "all-black-identifying" obviously the selection at the entrance would not be done with color card anyway like Peter Griffin's passport control meme. Sunak, however, took a tough stand against the initiative, goodness gracious.

At the same time, the Daily Wire analyzing the DEI document, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, proposed by Microsoft points out how with some pride the company claims, for equal employment, minorities are paid more than whites with an average of 7 per thousand.

All racial and ethnic minority groups who are rewards eligible combined earn $1.007 total pay for every $1.000 earned by US rewards-eligible white employees with the same job title and level and considering tenure.

Nonconsensuality, nonconsensuality everywhere!

It is true that the story of the prince's nonconsensual kiss to Snow White was a then-Twitter tirade largely exaggerated by the media. But we know well that in the Woke world, rainbow unicorns are eager to outdo more or less made-up memes and stories in reality.

This time it is the turn of the famous photo of the kiss between the sailor and the nurse in Times Square. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs had circulated an internal notice to remove the photo of the patriarchal, non-consensual kiss to celebrate the victory over Japan and the end of the WW2. Fortunately, they were debunked on X and the censorship attempt was retracted. However, it has been since 2010 that the Social Justice Warriors have been picking on the image and more than one statue dedicated to the kiss entitled "Unconditional Surrender" has been the subject of controversy and vandalism over the past decade. Without vigilance, the SJWs will soon have reason.

And in the meantime, Verona, a city famous for its fairgrounds has decided to open the new Fair of Malaise with a proposal from the deputy of Verona's mayor Damiano Tommasi: "My idea, under consideration by a working group, is to display in several places near the statue of Juliet messages in which the maiden (sic) expresses her consent to be, for example, photographed and taken by the hand or under the arm," reports Libero Quotidiano. If I say "no," it's "no," damn it!

L'estate del nostro scontento. Considerazioni su "Il mondo al contrario" di Roberto Vannacci
Trust Science, not morons!

From the U.K. we learn from a Telegraph poll that for 58 percent of British scientists refuse to affirm that biological sex is binary. While we wait for the scientists in question to explain what other gametic cells exist in sexual reproduction besides eggs and sperm, perhaps the definition of moron should be revised.

Testimonials and side effects

Evidently forgetting the side effects of choosing overly fluid testimonials, such as the case of Bud's non-alcoholic beer at Dorito's they first chose a non-binary Internet figure. Only to retract (and save themselves by the bell) after old, not-so "inclusive" tweets of ours had surfaced such as, "Quiero hacer cosas gamberras, como meterme a una niña de 12 años por el ojete." To sum up: assorted dirty things, 12-year-old girl, sodomize.

Cancel Culture and statues, a great classic

We come to the topic of cancel culture in the public square, that is, statues removed or taken down. Some good news to report, which also does not change the general trends. First good news, the statue of San Junipero Serra removed in 2020 in the town of Ventura has been relocated to the Basilica of San Buenaventura, a mission founded by Junipero Serra himself in 1782.

Partial good news is that a bill is being debated at the Kentucky Capitol that would allow the local legislature more control over statues and monuments displayed within relevant structures. The Historic Properties Advisory Commission, established by the governor, will first have to consult with state representatives on a more collegial basis. The matter relates to the removal of the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis (a native of the state) in 2020.

Conversely, no news for the destination of the statue of Louis XVI in Lousville, Kentucky, removed in 2020 after being vandalized. For the time being, they have not yet considered changing the town's name. Similar fate in the other hemisphere with the statue of Cook in Sydney torn down a few weeks ago could be removed permanently. Finally in Bulgaria a colossal statue dedicated to Soviet Soldiers could be removed.

Fluid opportunities

Let's close on a high note with the resourcefulness of those who can seize the opportunities that everyone can today thanks to fluidity. The Spanish online newspaper El Espanol publishes a news story along the lines of those we had so far only seen on satirical sites: thanks to the new law on gender change Spanish male soldiers identify themselves as females for benefits related to retirement and quartering (private bathroom included). Lesbian in barracks, straight male outside. And not only that, in that having become a "mother" (and no longer a father) she also had benefits in divorce for custody of her son (fathered by a woman).

In Ceuta, 41 military personnel are reported to have taken advantage of the Ley Trans, which allows faster procedures for registry changes. Speedy procedures that guarantee access to all the benefits to which the "female gender" is entitled, legislation strongly contested by various feminist groups. Many hope that a law such as the "ley trans" may soon arrive in Italy. We are sure that as soon as it comes out in the Official Gazette, Italy will be inhabited only by women, especially in the sense of INPS.

That's progress, baby. Who are you to judge?

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