by Giovanni Giacalone

The security situation in Milan continues to be dramatic. The Centro Studi Machiavelli has just published a report examining the violence of New Year's Eve and a series of assaults and robberies that occurred between mid-January and early February, but in the meantime the situation has worsened. Suffice it to say that in just three days as many as seven rapes have been reported, while a twenty-one year old Somali citizen with a record was hacked to death by a compatriot armed with a bottle shard in Porta Venezia on March 26.

Two days before, in the very central Corso Buenos Aires, a 25 year old Malian citizen had assaulted and groped two women and then reacted with kicks and punches at the arrival of the Carabinieri. The man was later found to be illegally staying in the country, of no fixed abode, with previous convictions for harassment, private violence, drugs and evasion. On February 24, he was also subject to an urban ban on entering Milano Centrale station, but he was still in town.

To this must be added the robberies and assaults carried out by the numerous baby-gangs that roam Milan: at least 13 according to an article in "Repubblica", but there could be more.

In short, more than 2022 Milan looks like the 1970s New York: the one of Charles Bronson's movies.

In Lombardy's capital there are many citizens who complain of insecurity and state that in several areas the police are absent. The situation is also likely to worsen with the arrival of the summer season, when aggressions and robberies tend to increase.

It is good to keep in mind that most of the attackers are illegal immigrants, multiple offenders left free to continue to roam the territory. What is happening? Why can't Mayor Sala and Interior Minister Lamorgese find a solution?

Given the seriousness of the current situation, immediate and specific interventions aimed at crime prevention are needed. Arresting those who commit crimes is a duty, but this implies that the crime has already been committed and with the current numbers the context becomes disastrous. It is not by chance that Bocconi University has activated an escort service for students who go out at night. Yes, it has come to this. The continuous aggressions in the Ravizza area and the absence of controls have left the university with little choice.

The interview with GIOVANNI GIACALONE

After all, while crime was rampant, the government was busy suspending unvaccinated agents, massively deploying law enforcement against peaceful protesters and controlling vaccine passports. Add to that the unrestrained undocumented immigration that the executive branch continues to be unwilling to see. Here's the bottom line. And the economic crisis caused by the senseless restrictions will do the rest.

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Researcher of Centro Studi Politici e Strategici Machiavelli. Graduated in Sociology (University of Bologna), Master in "Islamic Studies" (Trinity Saint David University of Wales), specialization in "Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism" (International Counter-Terrorism Institute of Herzliya, Israel). He is senior analyst for the British Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism-ITCT, theItalian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues and Managing Emergencies (Catholic University of Milan) and the Kedisa-Center for International Strategic Analysis. Lecturer for security managerlaw enforcement and post-degree courses, he has been coordinator for Italy of the European project Globsec. “From criminals to terrorists and back” and is co-founder of Sec-Ter- Security and Terrorism Observation and Analysis Group.