Health care crisis and economic crisis. COVID 19. First policy assessments and recommendations is the twenty-fourth Dossier of the Machiavelli, edited by Daniele Scalea.



  • The COVID-19 epidemic, according to the most widely followed theoretical models, will continue for at least a year and a half, necessitating stringent social distancing measures throughout this period.
  • This scenario threatens very serious psycho-physical and economic repercussions on affected populations, potentially worse even than COVID-19, and can only be averted by the discovery of effective treatments or the adoption of non-pharmacological alternative interventions to the lockdown.
  • The scientific community has already made numerous proposals to this effect, including targeted isolation and selective closures/openings on a territorial or age-class basis.
  • Most Western governments have been deficient in their response to the epidemic. The Italian government has also shown indecision and confusion, and is exploiting the emergency to attack the opposition.
  • The recommendation is not to abdicate the synthesis and decision-making role of policy to technicians in a single specialty, but to seek the help of experts who cover all of the nation's needs, not just health care.
  • The second recommendation is to consider restructuring Italy's economic posture as of now, so as to guarantee self-sufficiency in strategic productions and make essential supply chains less vulnerable.
Wokeism, cancel culture, oikophobia. Three threats to our civilization



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