The president of the Machiavelli Study Center participated in the Chamber of Deputies in the conference "Legal Gaming: standard rules to ensure safety, legality and revenue" organized by the Milton Friedman Institute. The Centro Studi published a dossier on this topic last June.

The conference was covered by numerous newspapers, which gave an account of Daniele Scalea's talk. Among them were Repubblica:

A comment also from Daniele Scalea, president of the Centro Studi Machiavelli, a partner of the Milton Friedman Institute: "Undoubtedly there have been prohibitionist policies in the sector in recent years, but if the goal was to deter Italians from gambling, the goal has not been achieved. The prohibitionist and ban policies of recent governments, have led to the shift to the illegal. It is therefore a policy that has failed in its objective, because Italians' spending on gambling has increased."

These other media outlets covered the news:




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