VV.AA. (edited by Daniele Scalea) Topicality of sovereignism. Between pandemic and war, Historica/Giubilei-Regnani, Roma 2022, 128 pp., ISBN 978-88-33373-60-7, € 15,00

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" Sovereigntism is dead," many commentators are sentencing. And they have been doing so since before covid burst into our lives monopolizing all attention and erasing all political narratives. Could it be that a phenomenon that, until a few years ago, seemed destined to mark a political epoch ended so hastily and almost painlessly? In this book six intellectuals question the relevance of sovereigntism and how to fill with ideas and content a word that, perhaps, it is not yet time it goes out of fashion.
With essays by Eugenio Capozzi, Gianandrea Gaiani, Marco Gervasoni, Corrado Ocone, Antonio Pilati and Daniele Scalea.

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Founder and President of Centro Studi Machiavelli. Graduated in Historical Sciences (University of Milan) and PhD in Political Studies (Sapienza University), he is professor of "History and doctrine of jihadism" and "Geopolitics of the Middle East" at Cusano University. From 2018 to 2019 he was Special Advisor on Immigration and Terrorism to the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Guglielmo Picchi. His latest book (as editor) is Topicality of sovereignism. Between pandemic and war.