by Silvio Pittori

We learn from the national press that the CGIL and ANPI are allegedly chanting their battle cry against General Vannacci's book and its author. In doing so, the two freethinking organizations are giving concrete proof, if there was still a need, of the legitimacy of the thesis espoused by General Vannacci on the subject of "normality."

They would demand, in fact, that the two organizations of the Left vanguard, awakened from a deep slumber that had enveloped them in the period of hetero-imposed technical governments, that the organizers of the meetings with the general cancel the relevant dates, since the content of the book "represents a breeding ground that feeds old and new fascisms" (ANPI), a book that "through rambling, sexist homophobic and racist thoughts of a clear fascist stamp, has characterized the summer political debate." A moderate, balanced judgment, under the banner of respect for the ideas of others, which denotes, however, a profound inability to understand the ultimate cause of that recalled effect, which is substantiated, precisely, in the summer debate, originated by a sort of law of counter-punishment that we could secularly summarize with the following formula, "Live by the woke, die by the woke"

"To speak, ask permission from us."

A reaction not foreseen by the dominant radical-chic thought, intent for years now on attempting to educate consumer individuals, evidently with poor results, offering them a vision of life devoid of the values that have marked civilization, under the banner by now of affective and sexual instability, and of a materialism of result, but easily foreseeable by those who had listened to the now thin voice of "normal" people, intent on their daily occupations.

And indeed it is to these people, who represent the majority, that General Vannacci's book is addressed with simplicity, people who fortunately still feel their roots, the almost lost sense of community, and who understand, in their reliable and stable simplicity, that what they have believed in, first and foremost the tradition, to which the ANPI itself should be linked, is inexorably destined to be lost, where the ideological drift imposed by the frequenters of Davòs' gilded retreats is not remedied. Therefore, the need felt by the organizers of the meetings with Vannacci, to justify to the aforementioned union and the aforementioned association, the inexorability of the meeting, recalling the many reservations received, almost as if it were a hypothesis of force majeure, is not acceptable!

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The incoherence of the protesters

"No gentlemen, do not overestimate the actors" (Marcello Veneziani). In fact, it is not a matter of justifying in the eyes of the scattered protesters the permanence of the carefully organized moment of common reflection, but, on the one hand, to oppose their will to prevent by intimidating, as if they were the bearers of an absolute thought, and, on the other hand, to represent, apertis verbis - also recalling the now famous resolution of the European Council of 19.09. 2019, equating communism with Nazism -, how the ideological contrariety of the above-mentioned organizations represents a communist drift against freedom of speech and thought, as such to be curbed, functional to the dominant thought, opposed to any allegedly subversive charge against "voluntary servitude," majestically described by Etienne De La Boétie ("Discourse on Voluntary Servitude"). That clarified, the heterogenesis of the ends remains: the contestation of the book and its author by a minority, in making evident the minority's desire to give long life to a "world to the contrary," reinforces the common sentiment of the majority who, in numerical terms, thus represent "normality." A normality that welds people back together, alienating consumer individuals, and rebuilding a sense of community.

We will discuss the contents of the book with General Vannacci on Monday, oct. 23, 2023 at 9 p.m. at the "former Salesian" theater in Figline Valdarno, Florence, under the sponsorship of the Machiavelli Study Center.

Admission is free but reservation is recommended (click to fill out the form otherwise send us an e-mail).

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