by Silvio Pittori

The two years that have passed since the beginning of the pandemic have contributed to highlight more strongly what has been happening around us, in general silence, for at least a decade. We could define it as the honest dissimulation of the radicalism present in our society, by resorting to the simulation of a utopian quest for collective well-being. This quest passes through a re-education of thought that finds its apotheosis in the uniform thought imposed from above, with the support of journalists with white tufts, belonging to certain elite cultural environments, environments forbidden to those who do not enjoy a radical chic genealogy. Whoever dissents or, better, who has the courage to dissent, lives a season of psychological subjection, mocked, marginalized, accused of heresy.

This happened during the pandemic, even among friends; this is happening with the current war in Ukraine: an orthodox reading of the facts, devoid of any in-depth analysis, directed to form a mainstream thought pleasing to the autocrat of the moment, often appointed from outside a direct election of the representatives of the people, bearer of an apparent responsibility in a paternalistic form in function of the loving protection of the represented subjects. In the face of the constant attempt to subtract parental authority in the family, we see a new figure of paternalistic mold that decides what should be the course to follow, in the general silence and in the proclaimed heresy of dangerous dissenters.

Typical conduct of the utopian who, in affirming the utopia of the moment, inevitably falls into the radicalism that results in the denial of any dialectic. Hence the hunt for thought different from that imposed by the utopian doctrine of the moment which, jumping from time to time from an emergency to a new emergency (climate, pandemic, war), always taken to its extreme consequences, cannot accept dissonant voices, voices that would turn into ideal corruption.

In accordance with the said constriction of the normal dialectic to which our civilization, the western culture and the same Politics had accustomed us, it is now necessary, as said, the perpetuation of emergency events that justify the interventions of the autocrat, the deprivation of elective bodies, called only to comply with the will of the man invoked by the elitist circle of radical chic, as a panacea of all evils, imposing on the community the acceptance of a protection from above, in the name of a collective welfare to be achieved and a health on whose altar to give up even freedom.

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This paternalistic attitude, of a father who is, however, the master, leads to a renunciation of rights acquired over centuries of history, of constitutionally guaranteed rights. Renunciation to which the pandemic has given graphic evidence, rights peacefully denied and on whose illegitimate denial, albeit very late, the same Judiciary is beginning to shed light. How then not to understand the more and more distrust of those citizens, who do not belong for genealogical ties or for a sort of cursus honorum inside the salons of the left, to the elitist world of the politically correct (intent on the latter to sever every link with the past, origin and foundation of our civilization), if they turn to that conservatism typical of the so-called "right-wing" parties. Conservatism that, as previously pointed out, is nothing else but contrariety to a manner utopianism detached from that reality, as everyday life, in which citizens are forced to live, and deep connection with that moderate pessimism that sees in mere illusion a dangerous landing place even for those who will come, children and grandchildren.

Faced with what is happening we can only strive to create the conditions for a return to the dialectic of the past, capable of forming a free thought, fighting a language and a thought imposed from outside, of a faux-paternalistic nature, functional to the autocrat of the moment, which prevent reflection by trivializing communication. The only salvation against expressions such as: "Do we want air conditioning or peace?".

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