by Silvio Pittori

I agree with the statement contained in an article that appeared a few days ago in the newspaper un articolo apparso pochi giorni fa sul quotidiano Il Foglio, for which "it is time to rebel against the abuse of crime reporting" that "bombards" our minds every day. I am not going to go over here the reasons that led the journalist to prospect this "rebellion," being more interested in dwelling on the attitude regularly taken by our politicians in the face of the assaults, fights and rapes of which, for the most part, the current crime news is composed. If in fact it is time to rebel against the abuse of the crime news, an attitude of incisive criticism of the etiologically superficial reading of the causes to which the violence, fights and rapes, including those of recent days, can be traced is certainly desirable. It is a matter of proceeding with an objective diagnosis of the facts, a prerequisite for the administration of appropriate treatment, which prescinds from the incessant search for reasons related to individual territories, to be "reclaimed," concealing the main origin of the not only spiritual degradation that surrounds us.

It is, moreover, the same etiological factor responsible for the deconstruction of the entire society, the annihilation of the principles that founded the West, the impoverishment of the most for the benefit of that social class composed of the few, a class so dear to that radical-chic left that, having abandoned the hammer and sickle, has made the ominous woke ideology its own. If we do not start from said etiological factor, every cure will prove fallacious, incapable of stable healing of the body.

Homo homini lupus

This, despite the meritorious "reclamation" initiatives now undertaken by the current government, which, moreover, will inevitably be circumscribed as to effect in the absence of a profound regeneration of man and society, under the banner of the "person." Said absolutely exacerbating factor is the liberalism so dear to that left that gathers in the attics of the Eternal City, from which it judges. Liberalism from which our society is afflicted, which places at the center no longer the person but the individual, preferably the consumer, thus abdicating that concept of man as "politikon zoon”" that had characterized the culture of the past. Reduced to a mere individual, the lone man takes on the guise of homo homini lupus with the consequence of the need for the state to seek a coexistence among "individuals" within a society that, having abandoned the objective concept of "good," even a common one, allows each person to satisfy his or her own needs so as to appease his or her ontological aggressiveness.

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The desire transformed into rights of the individual to satisfy his own needs induces the state to abdicate the guiding role it has been accorded for centuries, making the individual the bearer ab origine of an indefinite series of rights, a recognition whose epiphenomenon is the incessant demand for their acceptance, which the individual from time to time also uncritically makes his own. In the face of the increase in the number of rights of the individual, society is connoted by the loss of those common values that constitute the foundations of the same, witnessing the merciless disappearance of any shared value, of any ethos, consequently of that set of the common characteristics of a group. The dissolution of human society itself follows inexorably.

Know the other, or he will be a wolf for you

The outlook is therefore bleak. It is even more bleak if one only considers how cultural liberalism is daily merged with that economic liberalism that creates deep and irremediable social inequalities, capable of constantly creating disquiet whenever one looks to the future, and that leads to a hypertrophy of the economy. So welcome, then, the reclamation of territories and the simultaneous provision of schooling and employment to young people from those territories, but only the regeneration of the sense of community, resulting in the transformation of man from "homo homini lupus" to "lupus est homo homini, non homo, quom quali sit non novit" ("the unknown man is a wolf to another man"), as a reminder of the need for a relationship among men, will be able to reverse the daily trend of atomization, placing an impassable barrier to the woke ideology.

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