by Emanuele Mastrangelo

In Italy, a commercial is raising a fierce controversy. The story tells of a little girl who suffers from her parents' separation, and presents her father with a peach, saying that it is his ex-wife who is sending it to him. But this story is not just about a little girl being a bundle tossed from one to the other according to a court order. Nor is it the story of a rancorous ex-wife who looks contemptuously at her ex-husband through the window.

The subtext is that the hostility between two people, the discord sown by the Evil One, can be opposed. We do not know with what success, but a innocent soul like a child tells us that yes, it is worth trying. This morale is the thing that makes progressives,, who wallow in discord like nematodes in a cesspool, howl and pull out their fluorescent hair the most.

A Civilization Based on Concord

For millennia humanity has celebrated Concordia. If no temple was ever dedicated to Eris, sister of Ares and Goddess of Discord, her opposite, Harmonia or Concord was rightly worshipped and especially in Rome her cult was held in high regard. If Discord was surrounded by fearsome sons (Disnomia, disobedience and misrule; Ate, error, ruin; Ponos, travail, toil; Limós, hunger; Algos, sorrows; Isminai, fighting; Phonoi, murders; Androktasiai, massacres; Neikea, quarrels; Pseudo-logoi, lies... just to name a few) and only under certain circumstances (and appropriately taken with tongs) could she play a positive role toward humanity, Concordia was universally considered only benign, accompanied by the deities of Peace, Health, Safety and Fortune. Her attributes are the patera (religious piety), caduceus (the end of disagreements) and cornucopia (prosperity). Last but not least, Concordia is depicted as a matron, a happily married woman at the head of a prosperous and respected family.

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Satan is everywhere. And he hates peaches

It is no accident that in the italian folk world, the Parable of the Zizzania told by Christ to his disciples is interpreted in a very broad sense. In Italian, the "sower of zizzania" is precisely the one who plants divisions, hatreds, backbiting. That is, he sows evil. After all, the Enemy - in Greek diabàllein, to divide, the Great Divider - is as much responsible for discord between man and God as between man and man.

In our age, where Minerva and Concord have long since ceased to drape their protection over our Nations and the Gospel is now vilified even where it should be ... like gospel, the only idol worshipped seems to have remained Discord. A child seeking concord is blasphemy in this Church of the Divisions, and that is what makes the worshippers of Eris bite the bullet. Or the ones of the Enemy. Take your pick.