by Daniele Scalea

Two years ago (almost exactly: it was June then too), commenting on the Black Lives Matter riots in the U.S., I wrote:

All the factors of American chaos are also present here. [...] Today the fire blazes beyond the Atlantic, soon it may do so at our place if we do not know how to take countermeasures.

What happened recently in Peschiera del Garda seems to prove me right.

The events of Peschiera

On June 2, organizing spontaneously through "Tik Tok" and other social media, thousands of young people gather in Peschiera. The event is an "Africa Day," and the young people are all or almost all from that continent. Born here in Italy, maybe, but with an identity that looks more to their fathers' land than to the one that received them. This is not a peaceful gathering. As shown by the very videos circulated to call to the gathering, the rallying words are belligerent and racist - against whites, ca va sans dire. Even leftist newspapers like "Open" have to report them ("This is Africa" "This is our territory"), along with reports of vandalism and harassment against the city and its inhabitants. The climax is a maxi brawl that broke out between groups of immigrants, apparently originating from an attempted robbery that degenerated into stabbings and beatings, before the intervention of police in riot gear provided to recompose the front of the self-proclaimed "African conquerors."

Toward evening, a group of young Italian girls returning from a day at the "Gardaland" amusement park had the misfortune of running into a train also packed with the racaille (to use then-French President Sarkozy's catch phrase). They were greeted by racist epithets ("White women cannot have a seat") and then sexually harassed according to the method, now sadly entrenched in Italy (as denounced again recently by the Centro Studi Machiavelli) of taharrush jamai, one of the barbaric practices imported from North Africa along with uncontrolled immigration.

Hypocrisy of the Left

Almost redundant, but inevitable, to point out the hypocrisy manifested by the Left. Every day championing - in words - women, invariably forgets about them if it is a foreigner who oppresses or rapes them. For days we have seen our Alpini treated as a criminal organization, because in the rally in Rimini some allegedly directed unwelcome advances to passers-by (numerous "complaints" collected by feminist activists, many fewer those formally presented to the authorities: in the media to date only one is reported).

Entirely different is the attitude to the events in Peschiera. Take for example writer Michela Marzano, columnist for "Repubblica." Commenting on the harassment at the Alpini rally, she pointed to an alleged "rape culture" that is supposedly inherent in Italians. Writing instead about the Peschiera harassment, she urged readers not to pay too much attention to the ethnicity of the perpetrators. To blame the Italian people for the faults of some is ok. Blaming African immigrants for the faults of some is racism. Italians would be culturally inclined to rape. Notoriously, North Africans, on the other hand, stand out in the world for the gender equality and great freedoms enjoyed by their women.

The deadly mix

Progressives, however, have very good reasons for trying to downplay what happened in Peschiera. Because their responsibilities are enormous.

Let's go back to the article on the American riots mentioned at the beginning. I was telling you that there is, in Europe as in the U.S., the same deadly mix: minorities not fully integrated and a so-called "anti-racist" narrative that is actually anti-Western and racist toward whites. This mixture ignited the powders in Peschiera, making those events more worrisome: because they were not the occasional excess of a few bullies, but the warning of the Italy to come. In Peschiera, after all, one only saw the suburbs of Lombard cities - already conquered by immigration - operating away from a bourgeois tourist center. In these increasingly degraded and dangerous suburbs (see our dossier on insecurity in Milan), we see again the evolution of the French banlieues or the Islamized centers of Sweden (where the latest riots took place no more than a month and a half ago).

That narrative is the one that in the U.S. has taken the name Critical Race Theory, which local progressives are trying to include in school courses to indoctrinate children and young people. Intellectuals on the European Left are already embracing this doctrine. Moreover, the effort to adapt it to our own environment is minimal: CRT is a fruit of Marxism and deconstructionist postmodernism. European dishes that come home after being cooked in American sauce. Here they meet up with an old Third Worldist strand, with a Catholic-Communist matrix.

Il dovere morale di difendere l'Occidente dal politicamente corretto
Bad teachers

The credo of anti-white racism is simple: the entire West - its prosperity, its institutions, its democracy - is due to colonial exploitation. The whole order in which we live would be aimed at the racial oppression of non-whites (so-called "systemic racism"). All whites are racist: even those who do not despise other races would still be racist, since they would enjoy a "birth privilege" inherent in their race (please note: the Peschiera train molesters accused young white girls of being "privileged"). The Western system should therefore be destroyed at the foundations and rebuilt on a new basis.

This is what the masses of allogenic youth believe in. Often finding themselves in disadvantaged socio-economic situations, they are easy prey to extremist narratives, which inflame their anger and sense of revenge. It applies to Islamic extremism, it applies to "anti-racist," i.e., anti-white, extremism.

It does not matter if these young people have never read either Foucault or Robin DiAngelo. The thing about having cultural hegemony is precisely that you don't need your leading intellectuals to be read by everyone. The ideological hinges percolate from the tip of the pyramid - universities, intellectual clubs - and pass to the underlying layers - media, corporations, state apparatchiks - who distribute them (simplified but still operating) to the base. At the base are the gangs, the violent, the harassers; but the moral instigators are the bad teachers who sit at the top of the pyramid.

We have a clear understanding of who they are, what they want, and how they operate. Do we also know how to stop them?

What to do

We need a government that finally halts immigration, reducing it to physiological levels of entry and favoring flows from countries more akin to us. A government that, on the one hand, offers immigrants and their children a path of social ascension accompanied by cultural assimilation, while at the same time using a hard fist against thugs and criminal gangs. If 10 percent of the tools and efforts put in place against ordinary citizens who did not wear masks outdoors or who tried to get coffee at the café without having been vaccinated were used against the "bad guys," full success would be achieved in a few months.

This government can never be delivered by a parliament like the current one. For a future one to do so, we need to win elections, make sure that our representatives do not betray the mandate they have received, make sure that they know exactly what to do. How? By constructing.

By constructing a narrative and institutions (associations, research centers, committees, etc.) capable of undermining the opponent's cultural hegemony and controlling right-wing politicians more than the Left (with the weapons of persuasion, deception and persecution) controls them . Brave ideas, words and people who are not afraid to tear down progressive idols and desecrate their taboos. No strong ideology has ever been defeated by weak and cowardly proposals.

To would-be constructors and idol-destroyers who are reading this article, I remind them that the Machiavelli Center for Studies can offer them a base from which to act.

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Founder and President of Centro Studi Machiavelli. Graduated in Historical Sciences (University of Milan) and PhD in Political Studies (Sapienza University), he is professor of "History and doctrine of jihadism" and "Geopolitics of the Middle East" at Cusano University. From 2018 to 2019 he was Special Advisor on Immigration and Terrorism to the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Guglielmo Picchi. His latest book (as editor) is Topicality of sovereignism. Between pandemic and war.