Does Britannia rule? “Global Britain” and the geopolitics of the United Kingdom after Brexit is the Machiavelli Special Report n. 1, authored by Dario Citati.




  • In the years to come UK foreign policy will be based upon the concept of «Global Britain», extensively used in recently released government documents. This paper aims to provide an insight centred on a threefold research topic: official texts and statements, reactions that the concept elicited, geopolitical contexts wherein it is supposed to be put in place.
  • The announced tilt to the Indo-Pacific will be likely put into effect in terms of trade cooperation, since power projection would not be welcomed by ASEAN countries, whereas joining the QUAD appears unlikely and the confrontation with China requires a multilateral approach within the Five Eyes alliance.
  • The Euro-Atlantic region will remain the pivot of the UK’s defence posture, geared toward the maritime containment of Russia from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic, but also to safeguarding the Union challenged by Scotland’s separatism.
  • As a result, «Global Britain» displays no post-Brexit one-sided adventurism, but rather the complex and sometimes contradictory reshaping of a new multilateralism within the Anglosphere, Commonwealth and NATO.
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Special Report 1 – Does Britannia rule


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