Last July 26, Emanuel Pietrobon explained to Radio Libertà some of the contents of the recent dossier published by the Centro Studi Machiavelli: according to Pietrobon, TiKTok is on the surface a social network like any other, in reality it has a unique algorithm that users do not have the power to control and that continues to endlessly promote, in what is a veritable bombardment, content of the same type. An obsessive flood of content that has the potential to affect (negatively) the psyche of users. Eloquent is the fact that even close allies of China, such as Pakistan, have banned the app demonstrating that the clash on social is not merely a chapter in the China-U.S. rivalry. Investment in education will be needed to address cognitive wars, which are currently lacking as they are set to take an increasingly central role in the hybrid operations of the great powers.


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