Daniele Scalea, President of Centro Studi Machiavelli, was interviewed on Radio Libertà by PierLuigi Pellegrin about his article Shanghai's nightmare is a warning: we must stand up to lockdown fanaticsScalea describes the horrors of China's "zero covid" policy and warns against the possible re-proposition of this model in Italy.

The interview (in Italian) can be listen by clicking here (starting at minute 2'00").

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Founder and President of Centro Studi Machiavelli. Graduated in Historical Sciences (University of Milan) and PhD in Political Studies (Sapienza University), he is professor of "History and doctrine of jihadism" and "Geopolitics of the Middle East" at Cusano University. From 2018 to 2019 he was Special Advisor on Immigration and Terrorism to the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Guglielmo Picchi. His latest book (as editor) is Topicality of sovereignism. Between pandemic and war.