by Cristiano Donelli

One of the biggest scams of the Italian Republic has been exposed: that of the bonuses that have gone to drug the construction field. So, after waiting for Godot for so long, I can finally publish my personal review of Article 1 of our Constitution: "Italy is a republic founded on bonuses".

The urgency of a clarifying thought comes also because the political decision-makers, from different sides (but often even within the same party), are confused and do not offer a vision of the priorities of intervention - priorities that also reverberate on the expenditures in the state budget.

In order to understand the impact of the thing: we are talking about at least 2.3 billion of illicit on 4.8 of credit sold (about 50%) for bonuses related to construction: a figure that is worth about 8% of the 2022 financial maneuver, made of money sacrificed on the altar of cronyism disguised as fashion "green" energy efficiency.

The Toto-truffa, although of extreme magnitude, is only the tip of the iceberg of a system that, in Italy, continues to rely on state subsidies that try to defibrillate dying bodies. Now it is in the news the building industry, which has not yet been hit the nail since the 2008 crisis; shortly before, a great electoral consensus was found on the "sofa bonus", a more apt name than "citizenship income" for how it was realized. These are the main ones at the economic level, but the plethora of bonuses is endless and, as perfect Italians, very imaginative: bonus baby, bonus television, bonus mosquito nets, bonus hotels, bonus furniture, bonus green, bonus rent, bonus spa, bonus kick scooters and so on and so forth (even inventing, which will not go far from reality).

Esiste ancora la maggioranza silenziosa?

Hazy from the hangover of the money printed in raindrops because there is the Recovery and Resilience Plan, like the parsley for any self-respecting political recipe, let us remember well that the public budget has finite resources and that in the long run all chickens come home to roost. So, if we have to bet a chip it would be good to place it on labor, the object of the real Article 1.

Perhaps it is because in the world of the Metaverse everything seems feasible with a click, so the value of the effort of those who create and realize work with labor is not valued. Some wise man anchored to the right values that have made us great, however, there must be: or not?

By this, of course, we do not mean that it is not right to support the poor and renovate dilapidated houses but - believe me (with the Draghi's tone of 2012 in his most famous speech) - if industry and employment rebound strongly then everything will go behind them and there will be no need for bonuses.

Perhaps, however, it suits someone to have people who live waiting for the bonus that rains for grace received....

Graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Parma, Executive Master in Business Administration at SDA Bocconi, Executive Master in Government at LUISS School Government. After about ten years in the HR departments of leading consulting firms and multinational companies, since 2020 he has been working in the European Parliament as political advisor of the group "Identity and Democracy" in the ITRE Committee (Industry, Research and Energy).