The Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, in order to fulfill its own mission of promoting public policies inspired by traditional principles, invites proposals for papers, to be published in our editorial series, on the subject of Defense.

The goal is to bring to the public's and policymakers' attention problems, analyses and solutions useful for strengthening Italy's power and making the nation and its people more secure.


Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • national defense policies
  • military doctrines and practices
  • the arms industry and market
  • new technologies applied to the military
  • "Defense culture," the moral factor and the spirit of the population

For each of these issues, the focus can be on the domestic as well as the foreign or international framework. The focus can thus be on Italy, extend to international organizations of which it is a member, or focus on foreign states.


Papers should be approx. 20,000-25,000 characters including spaces.
Register: language that is simple but precise, rigorous and accurate. Discouraged formalism or rhetoric.
Style: analytical.
The text should include timely citation of sources. Predictive or prescriptive conclusions are preferred. Purely descriptive contributions may still be accepted, provided they are of relevant informative value.
Intended recipients of the papers are: policy makers; military decision makers; insiders; civil society.


Papers in Italian or English language are accepted. Papers in English will be considered only if they are aimed at an international audience.


Papers can be proposed through the relevant form.
The proposal should include a title, a summary of about 1500-2000 characters (including spaces) and a curriculum vitae of the submitter.
It is suggested that full drafting should not be done until the proposal has been accepted.


A payment will be awarded for accepted papers that meet the criteria for publication. The amount of the fee will be agreed with the Author upon acceptance of the paper proposal.


Accepted complete papers will be published in one of the following editorial series:

  • MachiavelliDossier: for papers focused on a topic description and analysis
  • MachiavelliPolicy: for papers focused on policy recommendations
  • MachiavelliIdee: for theoretical or doctrinal papers
  • MachiavelliWorld: for English language papers


The terms for submission of papers are always open.