The online magazine Key4Biz mentioned the Machiavelli Culture Conference in Angelo Zaccone Teodosi's article Rai and Cinecittà, top management changes on the way?. We reproduce an excerpt:


And yesterday, at Palazzo San Macuto, the Machiavelli Center of Florence sponsored the conference "Culture is Identity".

[...] Yesterday's initiative in San Macuto did not add much to what had emerged on April 6 at the Quirinale Hotel, but we did register, especially on the part of Alessandro Amorese, somewhat more "vindictive" tones than the predominantly "diplomatic" and in any case "soft" ones that emerged last Thursday. [...]

Very interesting was the technical paper presented by Emanuele Mastrangelo, a researcher at the Centro Studi Machiavelli (as well as editor-in-chief of the monthly "Storia in Rete") who is working on an essay on "cancel culture," which will soon be given to print by Eclettica Editrice, the publishing house of Alessandro Amorese. Mastrangelo re-constructed historically a network of relationships ranging from the "assault on memory" that is, from the symbolic aspect of the destruction of monuments (he recalled illustratively the demolition in Philadelphia - a city in which he has some relatives - of the monument to Christopher Columbus, under the smug gaze of the local police...) to a globalized vision of the human dimension, which plays on "gender" and "intersectionalist" theories and the "woke" movement, in the service of neo-liberal capitalism and the multinational digital corporations.

"Global i.e. globalized culture" as the "destruction of local cultural identities," in a "one-dimensional" perspective (à la Herbert Marcuse): a worldview according to which certain minorities end up claiming the right to destroy the identity expressions of the majority...

According to Mastrangelo, the beginning of the dominant culture of "political correctness" at the planetary level can be conventionally defined around the year 1992, with Bill Clinton becoming President of the United States of America... The development of "social media" has then contributed greatly to the establishment of a conformist globalizing "weak thinking" that tends to erase historical memory and local identities.

[...] Curiously, the conference - interesting and stimulating even from a non-right-wing "point of view" - did not register any media coverage today, neither in the daily press nor on the web, but those who edit this IsICult column for Key4biz nevertheless invite attention - without bias or partisanship - to the initiative, which was videotaped by RadioRadicale, and is available on the station's website.

Among other things, one can observe some point of convergence between some theses of critical analysis of this "cultural right" with some theses of the "radical left" (it should be clarified: not the "governing left" i.e., the watered-down social democracy represented in Italy in recent years by the Democratic Party itself, which has given up contesting "the system") with respect to a severe analysis against "world domination" by neo-liberal capitalism...

Convergences that appear stimulating, if one has the ability to set aside historical prejudices. Going beyond that often conformist "political correctness," which is good to be unhinged - or at least challenged - by eccentric, heterodox, heretical thoughts.

Therefore, we welcome the shake-up - small or large - that the right wing can give to the Italian cultural system.