For some years now, China has been recruiting former Western military pilots for advisory and training missions. This has raised concern and reactions from more than one government, fearful that the communist regime may take over air power doctrines, strategies and tactics. The affair is analyzed by Pietro Orizio in the "MachiavelliDossier" entitled Piloti occidentali al servizio della Repubblica Popolare Cinese. Casi, pericoli e contromisure.

The dossier was presented at the Chamber of Deputies, in the Press Room of Palazzo Montecitorio (Via della Missione 4, Rome), on Friday, October 27, 2023 at 11:30 am.

Speakers included the author, Pietro Orizio (journalist for "Defense Analysis"), Hon. Paolo Formentini (Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee) and Daniele Scalea (President of the Machiavelli Study Center).

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