International cooperation among conservative organizations is necessary to promote the values and demands that, over and above national differences, unite them all. For this reason, the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, now in its sixth year of activity, announced in recent days a series of agreements with similar high-profile foreign organizations.

A Cooperation Arrangement has been signed with Heritage Foundation, the largest American conservative think tank, known worldwide for its ability to influence policy choices in Washington. After three consecutive years in which Machiavelli and Heritage have organized a joint event in Rome, the two organizations have decided to formalize the collaborative relationship, proposing to extend it by carrying out joint studies, research and events that can strengthen the Italian-US relationship.

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The Machiavelli Center welcomes a Heritage Foundation delegation to Rome.

A few days later, on October 16, the second edition of the Italian-Hungarian summit of conservative think tanks was held in Budapest. At the opening press conference, the Machiavelli, together with Nazione Futura, signed a Statement of Intent with two important Hungarian institutions, Alapjogokért Központ and Oeconomus Gazdaságkutató Alapítvány. The former, also known internationally as the Center for Fundamental Rights, is considered the most dynamic think tank in Budapest, organizer - among other things - of the annual CPAC Hungary (the only European edition of the famous American Conservative Political Action Conference). The second, on the other hand, is a more recently established research center focusing on economic analysis.

"Progressives have always worked together on a transnational basis" Machiavelli president Daniele Scalea stated "and this is one of the secrets of their success. Conservatives have usually confined themselves to the domestic sphere. Now, however, they are opening their eyes to the need for closer international cooperation, as this Statement also shows.".

daniele scalea (centro studi machiavelli), miklos szantho (alapjogokert), peter torcsi (oeconomus), francesco giubilei (nazione futura)

The signing of the Statement of Intent between the two Hungarian think tanks and the two from Italy.

Below is the full text of the Statement:

This Statement of Intent is created as of the 16th day of October, 2023 by and between our Italian and Hungarian conservative organizations. The intent is to deepen the cooperation between organizations that share similar values, such as God, Homeland, Family and Freedom. We are convinced it is time to expand the intellectual activity of our think-tanks to the joint action of do-tanks based on the following shared vision:

Conservatives all over Europe are confronted with similar threats. Advocates of left-wing progressivism have turned human rights against the people. They have made radical, extreme demands of the rational majority, and have raised the banner of relativizing the facts inherent in the natural order of things. However, as a natural answer to the growing influence of liberal, neo-Marxist thinking on Western public discourse, a National Conservative resurgence has begun to emerge.

The pressing issues we are facing in Italy and Hungary are similar: political, cultural and ideological ideas waged on our nations and traditional values. Woke progressivism, gender propaganda, illegal migration are well coordinated attacks on our families, Church and traditions, therefore we need to stand up against them by joining forces.

Although the proponents of globalists claim that international cooperation between conservative forces is intrinsically unthinkable, we will prove them wrong. We do not think in terms of supranationalism, but in terms of cooperation between national forces. What we believe in is God, Homeland, Family and Freedom. We believe that our rights and duties come from and through Creation; we believe that Family and Nation are the fundamental structures of our common existence and that loyalty and faith are the essential values of our communities.

This Statement of Intent is the next step forward in the multilayered cooperation between Italian and Hungarian conservative forces that already has a solid basis of mutual understanding and shared values. By signing this Statement of Intent, we create a platform that enables the free flow of ideas and fruitful cooperation. By signing this Statement of Intent we formally reaffirm our joint efforts to make Europe, based on Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman culture even stronger - for "United we stand, divided we fall"..

Budapest, October 16, 2023


Francesco Giubilei (President, Nazione Futura)

Daniele Scalea (President, Centro Studi Machiavelli)

Miklós Szánthó (Director General, The Center for Fundamental Rights)

Péter Törcsi (Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Oeconomus Economic Research Foundation)