Foxgender and “gender minotaur”. No, this is not a reappraisal of Minoan mythology (the minotaur) or Japanese mythology (the kitsune: a yokai, the fox spirit) in the light of the new gender studies, but rather the new trends coming out of the United States on the subject of 'gender identity' and primary schooling. Children, according to the heralds of deconstructionist genderism, must not only overcome gender binarism through non-binary identities, but must go beyond it.

New variable and multiform identities must be experimented with and even created or invented. Invented genders, such as foxgender, or gender combinations that children will change according to the weather or seasons according to the principle of gender hybrids, including 'gender minotaur'. Foxgender and 'Gender Minotaur' are not the ravings of some obscure tiktoker, but theories expounded by Ph.D.s who have relevant roles in hospitals, universities, and associations subsidized with millions of dollars to proselytize in California schools.

Before going into the details of the two news items reported in the conservative US press and not refuted by those concerned, it is worth mentioning that the debate on overcoming gender stereotypes and non-binarism is already a well-established theme in Italian education at all levels.

That is to say, what were once derided as 'American extravagance' or 'Californian excesses' are beginning to be the norm in schools and hospitals in our cities. Reiterating today the new excesses such as those about foxes and minotaurs coming from the United States, when even in the United Kingdom the first timid steps backwards are beginning to be attempted is certainly not to turn back the hands on home soil, which is only possible with clear and direct political action.

Recounting the new excesses of foxgender and 'gender minotaur' serves to reiterate that all these initiatives to deny biological sex have nothing to do with the psychophysical wellbeing of those who suffer from gender dysphoria or live with intersex conditions at a genetic level (0.02% - 0, 05% of the population according to all scientists with the notable exception of biologist Anne Fausto-Sterling for whom the condition of sexual non-dimorphism in humans would be more than 1.7%, which makes gender extremists theorize the existence of a continuous biological sex spectrum. So much for Gauss and mathematics).

If people's wellbeing mattered, not only would we not see puberty blockers prescribed like candies, we would especially not see delusional theories such as those proposed by the two ladies in question, the 'gender minotaur' theorized by Dr Diane Ehrensaft, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, UCSF and Director of Mental Health, Child & Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

And neo-genders like foxgender as proposed by Naomi Cruz, manager of family and educational programming, for the Gender Spectrum Association, which recently received a more than $2 million grant from the State of California for work in schools.

The news of the 'gender minotaur' postulated by Dr. Diane Ehrensaft was brought to light by Fox and refers to a conference where Ehrensaft presented the theory that children should also be able to explore the gender spectrum as a function of place and time, according to the scheme reported there:

  • Gender Hybrids
    • Gender Prius: Half Girl-Half Boy
    • Gender Minotaur: One of Top, Other on Bottom
    • Gender by Season: School year girl, Summer boy
    • Gender by Location: At home, boy; At Grandma's, girl;
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That is, to indulge any "gender inspiration" of the child in any context. As an aside, the gender minotaur doctor is such an esteemed and respected academic that she is considered a reliable source for Wikipedia pages such as "Childhood Gender Nonconformity". It is clear that these are not the ramblings of tiktokers, but the vanguard of the maître à penser of genderism.

The 'theory' of gender hybrids is not dissimilar to the 'neo-gender theory' proposedby Naomi Cruz and the Gender Spectrum association brought to light by Substack Open the Books and then picked up by The Daily Wire in controversy with the $2.3 million grant awarded by the California State Department of Health. California Governor Gavin Newsom had already been at the centre of the controversy in the past because the state's nonprofit donations for schooling had also ended up at his wife's nonprofit, but according to the Democrats there was no conflict of interest.

As Open the Books reports, Cruz gave a lecture entitled Intro to Neoidentities and Neopronouns:

The presentation said pronouns may “describe gender as a personal, aesthetic, synesthetic, or head-space oriented experience.” They include “noun genders” like “foxgender, moongender, and rockgender,” and even “emojiself pronouns,” such as “:)self.”

From Open the Books Cruz added:

“Foxself” describes someone who identifies with aspects of a fox, whether that’s their appearance, their personality, or how they’re viewed in society.

The controversy that followed the news led first to the Gender Spectrum's site being taken down, later has been restored with the removal of content associated with Cruz. Even if Ehrensaft's Gender Minotaur and Cruz's Foxgender are only excerpts from lectures, it seems clear that gender as a function of place or the aesthetics of an animal implies that the psychophysical well-being of children is completely irrelevant, as is overcoming stereotypes.

If the well-being of children really mattered, it would not occur to anyone that an infant should be indulged in interpreting a different gender depending on the season or location, or indulging the desire to include in its gender the "stereotypes" associated with foxes. And this is precisely the paradox inherent in the whole paraphernalia of applied gender theory: to stereotype children according to the worst stereotypes associated with the opposite sex or with foxes. This is the bitter reality of what we are implementing in Italy. It is to be hoped that these increasingly patent despairs coming from the United States will cause public opinion to reflect more.

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