Pietro Orizio was interviewed on Radio Libertà's "Beyond the Page" program. During the broadcast, they analyzed the main points of Machiavelli's dossier “Western pilots aerving the People's Republic of China. Cases, perils, and countermeasures”. An excursus on the main episodes involving some of the most important countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, trying to understand the characteristics and objectives of the Chinese scouting campaign and the countermeasures taken to interrupt it or avert further cases.

pietro orizio

A freelance journalist, he writes for "Analisi Difesa." He has also published for "Limes," "Panorama Difesa," "Rassegna Carabinieri" and "Rivista Militare." Author of Il terrorismo a Brescia dopo l'11 settembre. Una mappatura di radicalizzazione e prevenzione tra città e provincia. He focuses on private military and security companies (PMSC) and terrorism. Graduate in International Management (Catholic University of Brescia) with 2nd Level Master in Preventing and Countering Radicalization and Terrorism (University of Bergamo).