While global attention is focused on Ukraine and Russia, another traditionally hot front should not be forgotten: the Middle East. There have been high tensions between Israel and Iran for decades, but they are mounting further in recent months. January saw the largest ever joint U.S.-Israeli military exercise. And while Biden's White House seeks to revitalize the Iran nuclear deal, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is very vocal in pointing to the Islamic Republic as the No. 1 threat. Should we expect an upcoming

The Machiavelli Center hosted this online conference to discuss the issue with distinguished international guests. Participating in the debate were Victoria Coates (Vice-President of Heritage Foundation and former member of the Trump Administration), Efraim Inbar (President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security), Alexander Grinberg (Israeli security expert), and Guglielmo Picchi (Director of International Relations at the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs). Alice Carrazza moderated.