by Fabio Bozzo

There are times in history when, for a political camp and the ideas it represents, things seem to go all wrong. For the past few months the Italian Left has been going through one of these periods. The reasons are diverse and we cannot analyze them all. But one specific topic seems, in these weeks, to be undergoing a historical nemesis. Or, in a sense, it is history that is presenting the bill.

The political area generically defined as "progressive," since the now-no-longer-near 1991, has abandoned the demands of labor, workers, trade unions and, as Nanni Moretti put it, "something left." On the spot of all these historical battles the former comrades launched themselves on what they thought was the mother of all battles: immigration.

To be fair, the progressive leadership had a point. Indeed, with the historical exhaustion of communist ideology, immigration has become the only real tool with which to destroy the hated all-time foe, namely Western Civilization founded on democracy and capitalism (which is nothing but economic democracy). Mass immigration from the Third World, in fact, creates new masses of desperate people from which to draw consensus, gives rise to ghetto neighborhoods defiant of state laws, and is married to the too-often forgotten Carlos Doctrine.

Coined by the notorious Venezuelan communist terrorist Carlos the Jackal, it envisioned the fusion of revolutionary Marxist instances with messianic Islamism, militant anti-Semitism and ideological anti-Americanism. This was supposed to create the perfect alliance between the decadent but well-organized Western Marxist intelligentsia and the colored masses of the Third World. Ultimate goal, needless to say, to destroy the West.

Obviously, the leftist political parties of the West have never had criminal intentions, and none of their representatives can be humanly likened to a shady character like Carlos the Jackal. The immigrationist cultural battle, however, stems from the same ideological humus. And the Left, unlike liberals and conservatives, has always been a master at translating cultural ideas into real policy. Therefore, mass immigration has become its alpha and omega. That is why former comrades, whenever they go to government, implement the policy of open ports and "Come on there's room." Moreover, encouraging immigration provides a formidable moral shield, as no sane person rejoices in seeing the woes of Africa or the recurring massacres caused by internal wars in the Muslim world. Therefore, wanting to "welcome" automatically means being "the good guys," while trying to explain that all of Africa in Europe does not fit (in Italy not even talking about it) means being branded "the bad guys," "the racists," and "the fascists" (I wonder then if former comrades know that Mussolini had plans to build Europe's largest mosque in Rome and that he self-proclaimed himself "the sword of Islam"?). Then, if in a TV debate a conservative pundit succeeds in demonstrating the folly of ethnic substitution, all that is needed is to show the image (real or alleged) of a drowned child after the capsizing of a barge, rather than the video of an pregnant African woman waiting in refugee camps. Tears in the studio, leftist politicians taking a knee no one knows to what title, media show and that's it: the come on there is room continues or the label of "racist fascist" is ready for everyone.

But, as mentioned, in the long run, the knots come to a head. The ghetto neighborhoods of Northern Europe are a social scourge before everyone's eyes, the French banlieaus riots have brought terror among the transalpine middle class (but not of the radical chic leftists, since those live in the sheltered compounds of the rich), in Milan Central Station it feels like a war zone, the daily news is a continuous trickle of crimes committed by those who cannot and will not integrate, and last but not least, crimes of a sexual nature are proven proof that merging Western Civilization with Islamic culture is impossible. For the simple fact that they are based on incompatible principles. All of this is now public knowledge, despite the Left-dominated mainstream media doing the impossible to hide and distort reality.

From what we have read so far, however, it would seem that the battle for the ethnic replacement of the West waged by the progressive elite is the result of sincere ideological conviction. A battle deplorable as long as you want, but in line with the principles of free thought on which Western Civilization is based. Needless to deny that many on the left are sincerely and honestly convinced of the righteousness of their views. But there is more. There is business. Yes, because immigration, for at least a decade now, has turned into the economic cornucopia of political correctness, cleverly disguised as the defense of human rights.

Un commissario straordinario per rispondere all'emergenza sbarchi

As an example of this we can cite the tip of the iceberg, namely the Soumahoro scandal. Aboubakar Soumahoro is an Ivorian immigrant born in 1980 who made it, or rather, was made to make it. Coddled by the extreme Left and got elected by it to the Italian Parliament, for a few years he was turned into the living label of the beauty of immigration, multi-ethnic society and anti-racism (obviously without ever uttering a word against anti-white racism). There has also been no shortage of tawdry gestures in the style of the current left-wing Beppe Grillo's movement, such as showing up in Parliament wearing rubber boots as a fake proletarian.

And then...the bombshell. Soumahoro and family ended up in the midst of a scandal that rips to shreds the whole false bleeding heart rhetoric of welcoming: red cooperatives that profit from desperate people, carefree budgets, endless lies unmasked by various videos and audios, and 640,000 euros disappeared from his wife's cooperative. Sic transit gloria mundi one would say, at least until Black Lives Matter bans even Latin quotes.

But as mentioned at the beginning of the article, misfortunes never come alone, and this applies to the Left as well. Even in Europe there are signs that something is changing. The Danish Social Democratic Party, i.e., Denmark's "eternal" governing party, in order to prevent the identity-driven Right from draining all of its electorate has substantially changed its line on immigration from the classic "come on there is room" to a much more closure and repatriation stance. Not only that. What probably hurts progressive immigrationists the most is that the Danish Left's reasoning starts from ...a leftist premise! Namely, that in order to maintain the level of welfare typical of Scandinavia, it is not permissible to create Afro-Islamic ghettos, just as it is not economically viable to extend certain rights, paid for by Danish citizens with high taxes and superior civic sense, to tens of thousands of newly arrived people who often do not even know what democracy is (not to mention equality between men and women, just to stay on issues theoretically dear to the Left).

We end with probably the most disruptive news on the immigration front, which of course has been almost completely overlooked by the news world in Italy. We are talking about the British law passed in April 2022 by the Johnson government (which incidentally was the most multi-ethnic government in British history), according to which illegal African immigrants who arrived without permission in Britain will either be repatriated or, if their nationality cannot be traced, transferred to Rwanda, obviously with the approval of the Rwandan government.

God forbid! Of course, Labour and NGOs (Soumahoro's colleagues?) opened repertoire fire based on "racists," "fascists," etc. But since the Conservatives enjoy a large majority in Westminster the progressives went crying to the only place where they hope to overturn election verdicts, namely the courts (former comrades the same all over the world). The judges' work has been long, but a few days ago the ruling came: the law in question is perfectly legal and enforceable. It is still too early to tell, but such a ruling could set a precedent at the European and perhaps Western level. This is because Britain has a respectable international clout and is not as blackmailable as, say, Italy with weapons such as the spread.

Ps: for the leftist intelligentsia, it seems destiny for disastrous or, at the very least, progressive rhetoric-destroying news to come out of the UK. The first woman Premier in British history was the conservative Margaret Thatcher; after her there have been two other female Prime Ministers, both conservative; to date left-wing women Premiers are not recorded; as already seen the much reviled Johnson put together the most multi-ethnic Government ever; and, last but not least, his successor is the Indian-born Rishi Sunak, of Punjabi ethnicity and Hindu religion. God Save the King.

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Graduated in History with modern and contemporary majors at the University of Genoa. Essayist, he is author of Ucraina in fiamme. Le radici di una crisi annunciata (2016), Dal Regno Unito alla Brexit (2017), Scosse d'assestamento. "Piccoli" conflitti dopo la Grande Guerra (2020) and Da Pontida a Roma. Storia della Lega (2020, with preface by Matteo Salvini)