by Giulio Montanaro

Hidden psychic training

Perseverance and dedication to Yoga or Callisthenics, over the years, prove the primacy of the mind over the physical. It is always and only the head that decides our limits; psychic training is the primary means of bringing awareness of our psychophysical abilities. Hidden psychic training, essential to manifesting this primacy, is the means by which suggestion creates mental beliefs and physical behaviors.

What do we mean by " hidden psychic training"?

It is the process by which thought seeks truth in itself. And where the attainment of truth is manifested through the fusion of the thinking subject with the thought object.

The reversibility law between physical and moral phenomena

The Side Crow yoga position or the Front Lever callisthenic position testify to the first levels of the law of reversibility between physical and moral phenomena, the fruit of autosuggestion training. More constancy and dedication - of will, thought and action - increase the consistency but also the strength of our body and, thus, that of the mind.

Process that is reversible - through abstaining from practice, because of frequent adherence to mass customs instead of individual work (whether physical or intellectual). Practicing or reading a lot affects our abilities as much as refraining from doing so.

Induced psychic suggestion

Moreover, just as we can direct ourselves independently toward certain beliefs and behaviors, so we can also be induced to do this by external sources. Through induced psychic suggestion, capable of creating a conventional reality of convenience to those who induce it, it is possible to grant psychic supremacy to events previously alien to our minds. How else could the vast majority of Italians invoke, accept or legitimize pandemic restrictions?

The fanaticism generated by communication makes us live with transport and apprehension a state of constant illusion. And it shows that many of its representations are nothing but conditioning.

Looking beyond the pandemic, to the last twenty years, the list of cases in which the masses have fallen into the trap of induced suggestion is disturbing. The masochism of the Italian people, manifested in its adhesion to the Euro, is still evident in the inability to recognize its own errors. And it is reconfirmed in the liberticidal adhesion to the Green Pass campaign, as well as in the blind trust in the action of the semi-god Draghi.

Indian Monoideism

Where is the source of this wave, which has overwhelmed logic, self-respect and common sense, and which not even history and science are able to stem or lead back into a channel worthy of the term "reality"?

Indian wisdom always has an answer to everything, would say Dr. Raj Vedam, according to whom there is no contemporary discipline whose roots are not in ancient India. Inopinable is that, analyzing the ancient doctrine of Indian monoideism, it is hard not to find affinities between it and the dynamics of contemporary mass communication.

For Indians there is nothing real outside of thought. The will, reality - nothing is more than a representation isolated from other potentially divergent representations. And its power to self-realize is directly proportional to its ability to isolate contrary representations.

There are two ways to isolate a representation.

The first is repetition, the constant reinforcement of an event's mental representation. Until it imposes itself in a totalizing way in the mind of the individual relegating any other representation in the background. Then comes concentration, a psychic work aimed at eliminating competing representations to the one you want to imprint in the spirit of an individual. When this does not happen through autosuggestion, i.e. when it is induced, it happens through advertising and propaganda. The aim is always the same: to create a strong will, which practices unconsciously and naturally the covertly induced representation.

Monoideism as a form of subjectification of power

Those who have read Michel Foucault will recognize a parallel between this idea and that of pastoral power, totalizing and individualizing, of which he spoke. Monoideism, in contemporary times as in the days of Plato or the rise of Christendom, is central to any process of subjectification of the constantly shifting plebs, as the French author put it.

Contemporary power continues to manifest itself through value systems that have the sole purpose of being introjected by the plebs, by dint of repetition and concentration on the system's part - until the plebs make them their own, adhering to them without awareness, thus allowing the system to progress steadily by affirming its truth.

Ideals such as faith, homeland, glory, freedom, equality, community, identity, health, have been (and still are) the object of propagandistic rape, for the purpose of subjectification, through techniques that continue to make use of mono-ideism, in combination with Pavlovian psychology and technology.

"Tolo tolo": da Zalone la solita tirata anti-italiana | FERGOLA
Pavlovian psychology and Nazi Gleichschaltung

Analyzing Nazi Gleichschaltung and the Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner Ivan Pavlov's model, we have further evidence of the centrality of monoideism in mass conditioning.

Let me clarify. Gleichschaltung was a strategy of coordination, synchronization, alignment of State and Society to the Nazi goal. A process that aimed at total control over the individual. To be exercised by coordinating every institution. From the media to the social apparatus to the individual psyche. A phenomenon that has been dissected - offering proof of the effects of the triptych of mono-ideism, Pavlovian psychology and Gleichschaltung - by the Dutch psychiatrist Joost Meerloo.

Familiar with the concept of conditioned reflex developed by Pavlov while studying canine salivation, Meerloo knew that humans, as the animal with the most pronounced learning capacity, are also the most easily and profoundly conditionable animals.

In the book The Rape of the Mind, the author gives an account of the psycho-physical torture techniques used by the Nazis during the occupation of the Netherlands, demonstrating, in detail, how the mental conditioning of the masses works. Meerlo testifies how only people with a very strong will (ego rightly says the author) resisted its influence and torture. Nevertheless, some of the tortured came to the point of dying because of the shame they suffered, the shock generated by such experiences. Moral death generated by the shame for having accepted to undergo certain treatments and that led the subjects to actually die, physically, clinically.

People therefore endowed with great gifts of psychic autosuggestion. The same kind of people that we have seen opposing first, and then resisting, the pandemic restrictions, and that are trying in these days to stimulate a historical reflection on the situation in Ukraine.

Smart Power and Single Thought

Now, the mono-idea suggestion lurks in the network of technological devices and operates through the concept of Smart Power described by Joseph Nye.

Smart Power is a synthesis of Hard Power practices, based on violence and physical coercion, and Soft Power, where the manipulation of the collective psyche becomes essential for the objectives to be achieved. As Nye says, in the information age the leader is no longer at the top of the mountain, but at the center of the information networks, represented by mainstream media and fact checkers, and from there he must be able to attract attention, to obtain his result through manipulation and seduction, rather than violence and coercion. It is from there that control emanates, that smart mono-ideism issues its diktats, to generate Pavlovian reflexes that allow the Gleichschaltung to continue to ensure the stability of power.

The Single Thought proliferates thanks to smart power and is the child of that contemporary mono-ideism known as political correctness and grandchild of progressive anti-fascism. What we have been experiencing for over two years, more than progressive/salutist anti-fascism, appears to be the apex of the super-fascist mono-ideism of the neo-authoritarian Left (Dinesh D'Souza)

Towards biometric monoideism

What does the future hold? The next step of power will be to replace covertly induced traditional mono-ideism with technologically induced biometric mono-ideism.

The philanthropist Bill Gates, just before formally abdicating from "Microsoft", has filed a patent for a digital currency mining system, connected to the human body energy. A system that will be powered by the energy created by the heart and brain. That will monitor the respect of the biometric standards imposed by the system itself. It can interfere with the psychic sphere; and much, much more.

Centro Machiavelli will soon publish my Dossier with more information about the "Microsoft" patent, and other information about the technological influence on the future. We refer the reader to it for further information.

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