by Trader

In classic liberal-progressive style, with the country distracted by other problems, provisions are passed on highly unpopular cultural issues. After the failure of the Zan Bill, they go ahead with the Ius Soli, renamed "Ius Scholae" according to the good practice of changing the name of what has already been rejected without changing the substance.

We will not go into the merits of the proposal, as the objective is the usual one: to demolish (or, to use a term in vogue in certain neo-Marxist academic circles, to deconstruct the sense of belonging to the nation and the ethnic identity of the people, to replace it with the empty one of "citizen of the world", who born, consumes and dies.

If the Right, up to now, had managed to mobilize public opinion to the point of forcing the project to retreat (often in the vicinity of elections), this time the parties of the coalition are in total disarray. Distracted by the Ukrainian issue, the Right is incapable of opposing its own narrative to that of the liberal-progressive newspapers, which of course are careful not to put the issue on the front page.

The basic text on Ius Scholae has already been approved in the Chamber's Constitutional Affairs Comittee, where only the League and Fratelli d'Italia were opposed. Forza Italia, on the other hand, sided in favor. The legislative process has begun and all the pieces for a positive outcome are already in place.

La Milano di Sala capitale del crimine [VL8]

Needless to say, the Left will not stop. Once the "Ius Scholae" is passed, easy citizenship will be extended more and more, every time public opinion is distracted and the Right is as weak as it is now. In 5-10 years being Italian will mean celebrating Black History Month, probably Balotelli's two goals against Germany years ago and then the Pride Month of the Italian province of the woke empire.

The legislature, started with many hopes thanks to the popular mobilization in favor of the so-called "populists", ends with the destruction of constitutional rights and identity of the Italian people, while the Italian industrial districts are shutting down, after confinements and green strategies, to which could soon be added the last senseless suicide of the ban of energy resources from Russia.

Pen name, a professional in the field of international trade.