Who was the most iconic patriot of 2021? And what was the best book of the past year? We asked you readers and got thousands of responses.

Here's who you chose from the nominations selected by the Machiavelli Study Center.

The Patriot of 2021

We don't know his name or his story: all we know about him is that he fell fighting for Italy during the First World War. He died more than a century ago, and yet, in the centenary year of the solemn transfer of his body to the Altare della Patria, you have chosen him as the most representative patriot of 2021.

Perhaps because the year that has just passed has been stingy with satisfaction for the Italian conservative movement? Or because we feel the need to revive those values of heroism and self-sacrifice for the Fatherland that have been dormant for too long?
As it may be, don't forget to re-read Emanuele Mastrangelo's article on the centenary of the Unknown Soldier.

The book of 2021

copertinaSOVRANISMO by Valerio Benedetti

Perhaps for the mainstream media sovereignism has come to an end, like a dress that has gone out of fashion and is to be discarded. But, apparently, for our readers it has not yet said the last word. And so they decided to award a book written to fill sovereignism with content.

The theoretical elaboration that must support the new Right has not stopped and, indeed, is more lively than ever.

For those who wish to keep abreast of the ongoing debate, we refer (in addition to the 2021 book, of course) to the review by Daniele Scalea and to the reply by the author Valerio Benedetti.