In Dossier n. 32 Stefano Graziosi explains the reasons for President Biden's serious decline in popularity and the consequences for the US and allied countries.



biden in crisi

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  • Polls in recent months attest to a collapse in President Biden's popularity: if a re-vote for the White House were held today, Donald Trump would prevail over Biden.
  • Biden's difficulties in administering the country depend a lot on the way his candidacy was born. The party (thanks to Obama's direction) converged on him only after many doubts and also because he was seen as a weak leader, a characteristic that favored the compromise between the fierce internal factions. Now, however, the left wing wants to take advantage of this to make its agenda prevail.
  • A first internal rift within the Democratic Party has arisen on the immigration issue. Biden's open-minded line has provoked an unprecedented migratory crisis on the border with Mexico, to deal with which the President has had to re-adopt some of his predecessor's policies.
  • A second front concerns foreign policy. Instead of adopting the liberal internationalism approach promised on the campaign trail, Biden is holding to Trump's realist line. This has resulted in a willingness to deal with very unliberal subjects (such as the Taliban) and new disruptions to the transatlantic relationship.
  • The midterm elections are shaping up to be particularly critical for Biden. He risks losing at least one of the two branches of Congress, with an already crippled agenda now that Democrats control both.
  • From the Italian point of view, diplomatic action should be taken to ensure that the confusion reigning in the White House does not translate into political drifts that distance it too much from Europe. The Centre-Right (given that Atlanticism remains firm regardless of the color of the American administration in office, even more so today when the Chinese threat is becoming increasingly worrying) should not forget to cultivate relations with the American Republican Party. With the latter, the ideal affinities are decidedly greater and it could soon return to govern the USA, at least on the parliamentary level.


Dossier 32 - Biden in crisi
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