Fruit of the collaboration between the Centro Studi Machiavelli and Historica Edizioni, the new book series "Machiavellica" is inaugurated with the work Immigrazione. Le ragioni dei populisti of Daniele Scalea.

The rejection of mass immigration has now reached the government but still continues, in the media narrative, to be described as an irrational, "racist" and "xenophobic" reaction. According to Scalea, popular alarm over the migration crisis is instead very rational and based on a correct perception of its demographic, cultural, economic, social and public order consequences. On the contrary, it is the line of enthusiastic welcome to the most massive flows that is based on ideology: a re-proposition of the utopia of the new man with the immigrant, instead of the proletarian, as an instrument to destroy the traditional order and erect new experiments in social engineering on the ashes of the nation-states.

Immigrazione. Le ragioni dei populisti consists of 168 pages and includes a preface by Hon. Guglielmo Picchi, Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs.

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Founder and President of Centro Studi Machiavelli. Graduated in Historical Sciences (University of Milan) and PhD in Political Studies (Sapienza University), he is professor of "History and doctrine of jihadism" and "Geopolitics of the Middle East" at Cusano University. From 2018 to 2019 he was Special Advisor on Immigration and Terrorism to the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Guglielmo Picchi. His latest book (as editor) is Topicality of sovereignism. Between pandemic and war.

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